Happy World Water Day 2016!

Loowatt SARL is currently promoting the new Roso toilet. Roso means “move or go forward” in Malagasy—an idea we associate with progress on improving access to clean water.

Loowatt Madagascar Team World Water Day 2016

22 March 2016

The UN World Water Day on 22 March presents an important opportunity to learn more about water-related challenges and take action to make a difference. Sanitation plays a critical role in water quality—1.6 million people die every year from diarrheal diseases (including cholera) attributable to lack of access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. (WHO, 2015).

The Loowatt Madagascar team has been raising awareness for World Water Day as we introduce a new product.

Loowatt Madagascar World Water Day 2016 Visitors

On Saturday 5 March, the team hosted a community engagement event in the neighbourhood of Andraisoro, in Antananarivo, Madagascar, to launch the new Loowatt Roso toilet.

Loowatt Madagascar Roso Toilet

The Roso toilet is a new version of our toilet in which our hardware is built into an off-shelf injection-moulded plastic pedestal. The Roso exemplifies our technology’s important ability to adapt to toilets of many shapes and sizes.

Loowatt Madagascar World Water Day 2016Anselme's speech

The Director of Loowatt Sarl., Anselme Andriamahavita, gave a speech about the importance of sanitation for families. He spoke about Loowatt’s past activities of installing toilets for customers in the Manjakary neighbourhood and our plans to start serving customers in Andraisoro.

Loowatt Tana Poster Flyer March 2016

Throughout the day, every 30 minutes, Loowatt’s technicians Edonal and Tojo gave demonstrations of the toilet and answered questions from local residents. The event attendees took home flyers and encouragements to sign up for a consultation and home visit with the Loowatt team to evaluate the feasibility of installing a toilet for their homes.

The event was attended by more women than men. Water.org states that “Involving women can make water projects 6 to 7 times more effective.” At Loowatt, we hope our waterless, energy-generating toilet technology can improve the lives of women and children by giving them a safe, hygienic toilet.

On 22 March, World Water Day, the Loowatt Madagascar team will be going around the neighbourhood talking to more customers about our waterless Loowatt toilets. We hope to gain more support in the communities and create partnerships with local organisations and businesses.

Happy World Water Day!