Global Sanitation

Global Sanitation

Loowatt began to serve toilet customers in Madagascar in late 2012, with a pilot public toilet and treatment system producing energy and fertilizer. We are currently rolling out our waste-to-value urban sanitation pilot system with 100 household toilets in Antananarivo.

This work, funded by grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Grand Challenges Explorations initiative, completes every step of the sanitation value chain: clean toilet provision, top-quality service, biogas, electricity, and fertiliser production.

The Loowatt pilot system began to serve customers in Madagascar in late 2012.
Loowatt’s digester, left, was built to spec by local fabricators.

Mobile phone charging from the electricity generated from the Loowatt Toilet System.
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Do you live in Antananarivo and would like to have a Loowatt toilet in your home? Please enquire via our contact page.

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In cities that lack toilets and sanitation infrastructure, Loowatt systems can transform economies and save lives.