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Hiring luxury portable toilets for your event or festival in the UK?

How do you provide customers with a premium toilet experience? There are many factors to consider when hiring toilets for your event. But it doesn't need to be complicated. Simply fill out the form below and our expert team will tailor the right solution for you.

Now accepting 2016 events and festivals!

Luxury Loved by Your Customers

Loowatt is unique in that it’s eco-friendly while offering your customers an experience that’s truly luxury. We have specialised in backstage and VIP areas that demand a level of excellence that we believe all of your customers deserve.

Place Us Anywhere

Loowatt toilets require no water hookups and can operate off-grid, making our equipment ideal for placement in hard-to-reach areas.

No Need for Pump-outs

Unlike chemical and vacuum toilets that require access for heavy pump-out trucks at least once a day, or compost toilets that require urine pump-outs, Loowatt toilets never require pump-out trucks.

No Need for Daily Vehicle Access

Loowatt toilets require no vehicle access except during load-in and load-out. This saves energy and costs while improving customer experience.

No Chemicals

Loowatt’s toilet technology is free of any chemicals. Aldehyde chemicals, or "the blue stuff", are carcinogenic, unattractive, smelly, and demand energy-intensive aerobic treatment to breakdown in wastewater treatment plants.

Waterless and Reduces CO2 Emissions

In addition to being chemical free, Loowatt toilets are also waterless and cut down on CO2 emissions. Compared to vacuum flush toilets, just 25 Loowatt toilets will save 11,000 litres of water and 5kg CO2 emissions over a 3-day event.

Global Relevance

By supporting our business, you are supporting our work building household toilets in Madagascar. Together we are helping pave the way for better sanitation in global cities that need it most—a change that can transform economies and save lives.