Loowatt’s New UK Pilot: Toilets for Festivals

Technolgy Strategy Grant

We are thrilled to announce we have a UK pilot on the way. Early this year, Loowatt was awarded a SMART grant from the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), to develop an ‘Energy-Generating Toilet System for Off-Grid Sites’.

The Loowatt events system, due for completion in 2014, will be trialed at festivals, which are breeding grounds for consumer uptake of off-grid renewable energy sources. Festivals require large numbers of mobile sanitation units and use a lot of energy—an ideal scenario for a new energy-generating toilet system.

This project aims to meet the needs of portable toilet hire companies, including easy and rapid servicing. The pilot will handle the waste collected locally; onsite treatment will create opportunities to reduce or eliminate the costs and carbon tramadol online 50mg emissions generated by transport and disposal of toilet waste.

We also aim to provide festival-goers and organizers with a waterless toilet solution that is chemical-free and that delivers a great user experience.

Our project partners include Thames Water, whose innovation department offers valuable insights on anaerobic digestion and options for onsite waste treatment. Future beneficiaries of system savings could include construction sites, schools, hospitals, local councils and any events that require off-grid sanitation.

The TSB works with businesses to stimulate innovation as a driver for economic growth in the UK. The SMART grant will enable us to deliver a toilet solution that adds value to the UK economy.