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Loowatt Luxury Toilet Technology at UK Events and Festivals

Loowatt is the world’s first luxury toilet that’s also friendly to the Earth. Our high-end and hygienic technology protects the environment by being waterless and chemical-free, while facilitating the conversion of waste into clean energy. Read more about our Global Sanitation efforts.

Our planet needs clean, chemical-free, waste-free toilets. You do, too. So come join us at your next event. Loowatt luxury toilets are always well-stocked with toilet paper and hand towels, soap and lotion. You’ll be greeted by friendly Loowatt staff whose top priority is to make sure you have a great experience.

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Waterless and Chemical-free Technology

The award-winning Loowatt toilet uses no water and no chemicals. Instead, our technology uses a biodegradable film that lines the toilet bowl. With every “flush,” our patented sealing mechanism conveys the film and waste down into the sealed storage area, to present a clean toilet bowl for every visitor. The film and waste are then treated in energy-generating systems.

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“We’d recommend Loowatt to everyone here.” – Jamie

Always Clean

Never worry about dirty toilets again. At Loowatt, cleanliness is our number one priority. We also offer biodegradable luxury soap and lotion to keep your hands clean and your body healthy.

Never Run Out of Loo Rolls

Our friendly staff is always onsite to ensure the highest standard of service. We’ll always have plenty of loo rolls and hand towels.

Contemporary Design

The minimalistic interior is brightly lit with natural and energy-efficient LED lighting. The trailers are also equipped with large mirrors, sinks and non-slip flooring.

Fresh Air Circulation

Our interiors are designed to circulate plenty of fresh air throughout, to eliminate odours, and to create a revitalizing environment.

Exciting Pampering Packages

At selected Loowatt events, you’ll have access to our chill out area, makeup and hair styling station with premium brand products, complimentary massages and/or a hot-towel shave. Check your festival to see what’s on offer.

Limited Availability

We strictly limit the number of tickets we sell at wristband events, so we can offer you a pleasant experience and limit queues.

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“It has made our festival experience much more pleasant.” – Katie
Building Toilets in Madagascar

Loowatt is also building toilets in urban flood-prone areas of Madagascar, where the current need for sanitation is causing endemic local health problems. Your Loowatt wristband supports our work to provide safe sanitation for families in Antananarivo.

Every day, the global lack of sanitation causes the deaths of thousands of children, and causes long-term disabilities for thousands more. Our technology, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is especially suited to rapidly growing urban areas. We aim to scale our sanitation solutions globally, to help humanity alleviate the burden of the sanitation crisis.

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“I hope Loowatt comes to every festival we go to.” – Holly